New book: ‘Forest Spies: The Intelligence Activity of the Soviet Partisans 1941-1945’ by Yaacov Falkov

Dear colleagues,

I’m happy to announce that my research on the Soviet Guerrilla’s Intelligence was published by the Hebrew University Publishing House (Magnes Press) and Yad Vashem. The book is based on my extensive archival research (13 archives) in the Former Soviet Union and Germany and contains a completely unique information about the Soviet Partisans and the Soviet Intelligence community, as well as the Nazi counterinsurgency in the occupied Soviet lands.

The book’s last chapter deals with the Partisans reporting on the Holocaust in the USSR and was recognized by Yad Vashem as a very important historical discovery since it sheds light on the Soviets’ knowledge about the mass killing of the Soviet Jews. The Baltic, Polish and Slovak colleagues might be interested in the book’s unprecedented description of the Soviet guerrillas’ activity in their countries, in 1944-45. Unfortunately, the book’s current edition is in Hebrew, but I’ll do my best to promote the publication in English as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

See here for link to publisher’s website.

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