NIOD student projects

The posters presented here represent preliminary findings from four case studies by masters’ students at NIOD: volunteers to the Spanish Civil War leaving from the Netherlands and involved in resistance during WW2, escape lines from the Netherlands to the south (esp. Westerweel group), Resistance among Germans in the Netherlands (1930s and 1940s), resisters from the Netherlands and KZ Mauthausen.

Transnational Resistance in Nazi Concentration Camps: Dutch Resisters in KZ Mauthausen, 1940-1945
Linda Heuvelman-Grem

Poster Linda Grem

Full size poster: poster Linda Grem

German Resistance in the Netherlands: A Transnational Approach to Resistance in Europe, 1936-1948
Duco Heijs

Poster Duco Heijs

Full size poster: Poster German Resistance Duco Heijs

Fighting fascism in the ‘long’ Second World War: A Transnational Approach to Resistance in Europe 1936-1948
Francesca Hooft

Poster Francesca Hooft

Full size poster: Poster Francesca Hooft

The Westerweel Group: Organizing the Escape from the Netherlands, 1942-1944
Caroline Schoofs

Poster Caroline Schoofs

Full size poster: Poster Caroline Schoofs