CfP: The past as testimony: Memories of Resistance and Resistance of Memory

MARIANA MASTRÁNGELO, Chilecito National University (UNDEC), Argentina, and Institute of Latin American Studies (INDEAL), University of Buenos Aires, and MIGUEL CARDINA, Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra (CES), Portugal, invite you to submit original research papers in Spanish or Portuguese on “Memories of Resistance and Resistance of Memory”, for a special issue of the cross-disciplinary and peer-reviewed academic French journal EOLLES (Est Ouest Langues Littératures Echanges Sociétés), University of Le Havre Normandy, to be published in December 2017.

During the 20th century, the processes of politization that had different social groups as subjects, often conflicted with the repressive mechanisms that were directly or indirectly activated by the State. This relationship between violence and resistance went on in different ways, and more recently fostered the debates on the (in)existence of archives and the ethical dilemas about the use of documents on Repression, on the claims around the so called “historical memory” or on the discussions about the figure of “victim” or “activist”. This special issue is part of the research work produced by the Ibero-American Network on Resistance and Memory (RIARM), that gathers Latin American and European researchers who focus on the study of the memories of resistance. We aim at problematizing the way in which historical knowledge tackles these “difficult pasts”, through essays that question the representations of the past, its public uses, the strategies of dissemination, and the mechanisms of silencing to which they are subjected.

Paper submission due: September 15th, 2017.

Language (including abstract): Spanish or Portuguese.

Instructions for authors:

Further information here.

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